Our mission is to open up new opportunities to candidates by providing role-based training using practical methods. While continuously supporting and motivating them with care and encouragement to instil confidence.

At Testing for Startups we offer a variety of training programs across the software testing project delivery life cycle including personality development career advice and interview preparation along the way. Our promise is to get you prepared and then help provide you with opportunities, whether it be with recruiter referrals or qualification exam and we ensure this by providing real project delivery work experience.

Testing for Startups delivers software projects using our in-house testing team. The candidates on our training platform can get trained in all aspects of Project Delivery and not just software testing at various levels of seniority combined with practical work that would give them that tangible delivery experience.

Our trainers are  Senior automation and manual testers. They bring with them their current and past experience in the field. All our trainers must be in current employment to train with us  (if on work break must not be for a period of over 12 months)