Testing for Startups – The fastest way to test your applications with experts in software testing.

Our consulting offerings help in strategy definition as we work with our clients to derive strategy based on risk analysis, feature prioritization, and automation opportunities as well as with test refinement, wherein we assess and improve testing processes using industry standard models. Here is why your product needs software testing…


As a pure play independent software testing services and solutions company, our employees are equipped with required expertise and certifications.

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Our commitment to quality and total client satisfaction is the responsibility of every employee and is demonstrated by our quality processes and communication.

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We provide proven strategies driven software testing services at a very competitive price, because we understand the budget dynamics of a start-up.

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Functional Testing

History has demonstrated that many dev teams are just too close to their products to perform objective and effective testing and quality assurance coverage. You owe it to yourself to hire a competent, reliable and independent quality assurance firm to lend a fresh pair of eyes to the project. We bet we wont let you down if you decide to go with us and make sure you get the best software testing services.

Test Automation

As application landscapes become more complex with the addition of multiple environments, mobile devices and social networking applications, the return on investment for automation becomes quite high since decreasing manual effort is a tremendous cost and time saver. Our goal is to automate the tests for our clients as and when possible and as many as possible.

Non-functional Testing

Non-Functional aspects are not covered by Functional testing and are often more difficult to quantify for both the business and development team. They are therefore frequently overlooked, often with catastrophic results. We will get the required metrics to fine tune your application to get the optimal performance and let your customers enjoy the application.

Testing and QA Solutions

At Testing for Start-ups we have an unified team of senior management and experienced professionals that provide a full range of software QA and Testing solutions to support the effective, efficient and consistent delivery of Quality software. Some of our solutions include Test Management, Test Process Improvement, Agile Delivery, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), DataCenter Migration Testing





Our Forté is software testing but also start-up companies, we understand how a start-up works and all the dynamics involved like the pressure to achieve results, hit metrics, achieve growth, market faster and making the products more reliable. We can help you with taking care of your QA process.


Outsourcing to our India centre has a time zone advantage. Your night will be our day. With this advantage, we as your partner can complete critical work and send it to you. Your work is continued by us even after your employees go home. This enables the work to be completed much faster and gives your business a competitive advantage.


By choosing to work with Testing for Startups, you’re cutting down on time, cost and liability. Outsourcing for software quality assurance to our independent software testing services also gives you the option to only utilize services on an “as needed” basis which has proven to be the most cost-efficient option. We can work on on-going projects or one-off projects that last for a week(minimum).